In 1997 I graduated at Hogeschool Groningen. After graduation I particularly concentrated on having my own practice. At first I worked for a colleague in The Hague. After a year I could take over part of her practice. It was a pleasure to work for other colleagues in different practices. That way I gained much experience. In February 2001 I seized the opportunity to take over the practice of the health centre in Wassenaar. In 2005 the practice in The Hague was transferred to a colleague.

My greatest interests have to do with speech-language development of children, sensory integration and voice problems of adults.

During treatment I want my therapy to completely be in keeping with the needs of the patient. This way the learning process is more fun and treatment is more efficient. In case I cannot give the patient the needed care, we shall look together for the best solution for his or her complaint.

As I enjoy passing on knowledge I have been supervising speech therapist trainees for some years with great pleasure. They are often 3rd or 4th grade students from Rotterdam or Utrecht.

Since my training as a speech therapist I have been registered with the Dutch Federation of Speech Therapists. They control the quality of speech therapy in the Netherlands and promote the interests of its members.

In 2001 I have been registered with the BIG basic register, since 2006 I have been registered with the quality register of paramedical professions, for which one needs to comply with national quality requirements.

Furthermore I am a member of a quality circle of speech therapists. We meet once every 6 or 7 weeks to exchange knowledge and experiences.

Also my professional interest lies way beyond the set margins.

I was a member of the area board, division The Hague and surroundings, of the Dutch Federation for Speech Therapists.